The Enchanted Forest

March 26, 2010

On an adventure through the woods I happened upon an Enchanted Forest. It is a place where magic in the wind unsettles the pines just enough for them to dance above my head. As they swayed from left to right, needles brushed against one another creating a hum in the air.

This is a place where peace resonates so prominently that it sends a chill seeping into your bones. The air is cool and dry; upon entering the needles press into the pads of my bare feet. The sun glistens through the branches dancing in mid afternoon; I am home.

In this moment all else disappeared and the hush of the forest enveloped me, offering peace and contentment. With an awestruck feeling and I was left mystified by this place. It was as if God grazed his hand overhead creating silence that did not leave ringing your hears, but a sweet song that rolled over me like a blanket.

In this Enchanted Forest problems disappear, pain fades, and one is left staggered by elegance. It is here where Heaven meets Earth just for a moment; that we may see his beauty.

The end.


Once Upon a Happenstance

March 18, 2010

Upon arriving at home, just a few weeks ago, I was able to enjoy the last few piles of snow before they descended into the ground as a means of nourishment. It was there, where I was able to lie back in the snow and let the sweet smell of pine encapsulate me. I watched the heavens as the clouds rolled by without a care in the world and it is with that same attitude that I was finally able to relax.

After a hectic few weeks I overjoyed by the idea that relaxation could take its hold on me and for once I had time for myself. All around me were the sounds of birds singing sweetly to each other and the slow and steady breeze crept over my skin. It was in that moment that God showed himself to me; surrounded by creation and enamored with his presence I began to praise him.

For some reason, being of artistic nature, I am able to see God’s hand moving in creation and as a result this is something I think everyone could be able to see. It is through writing this that I hope one is better able to understand the beauty of the Earth because it is something that moves me. It is here that I hope to inspire and bless those who care to read.


Eloquent Letters

Thus it Begins

March 5, 2010

Soon the snow will melt and the earth shall be able to breathe again. Inhale.  Exhale.  Glistening warmth cascading over the frozen earth as it wakes up. It is in this moment that buds begin to show themselves off to the world and are refreshed by the clear sky. “It is a thing of beauty when spring comes”, she exclaimed while taking in the sight of her surroundings.

As a new season is ready to commence an exciting adventure is also ready to begin! I feel that with the immediacy of spring coming upon us, I would like to take the time to start this new blog.

It will be here that I hope to share both thought and opinion on various matters that include art, music, life, and all things beautiful. This world has too much too offer to let it pass by and with that said I hope to challenge and provoke thoughtful ideas.

Enjoy your Exploration of  Eloquent Letters..