The Enchanted Forest

On an adventure through the woods I happened upon an Enchanted Forest. It is a place where magic in the wind unsettles the pines just enough for them to dance above my head. As they swayed from left to right, needles brushed against one another creating a hum in the air.

This is a place where peace resonates so prominently that it sends a chill seeping into your bones. The air is cool and dry; upon entering the needles press into the pads of my bare feet. The sun glistens through the branches dancing in mid afternoon; I am home.

In this moment all else disappeared and the hush of the forest enveloped me, offering peace and contentment. With an awestruck feeling and I was left mystified by this place. It was as if God grazed his hand overhead creating silence that did not leave ringing your hears, but a sweet song that rolled over me like a blanket.

In this Enchanted Forest problems disappear, pain fades, and one is left staggered by elegance. It is here where Heaven meets Earth just for a moment; that we may see his beauty.

The end.


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